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Mini Dental Implants Improve Lives in West Allis, WI

Mini Dental Implants Milwaukee WIDr. Monteagudo offers FDA-approved Mini Dental Implants as a reliable and natural-looking option to replace missing teeth. With Mini Dental Implants, small posts fit into sockets left by missing teeth, then a denture is secured to the top of the posts. Also called MDIs, Mini Dental Implants are manufactured by the reputable 3M subsidiary, Imtec. This style of dental prosthetic offers an innovative, lasting solution to solidify loose, wobbly, or slipping dentures.

Fact: 50 million Americans have lost all of their teeth.

For patients who don’t have sufficient bone density, or for those who don’t want to endure traditional implant surgery, Mini Dental Implants pose a practical solution. The MDI posts feature threads, like a small screw. Dr. Monteagudo can gently secure the MDI posts without performing traditional implant surgery, or “flap” surgery. The narrow implants are inserted into the gums, then into the jaw. In most cases, four posts are placed to secure a denture. Healing occurs rapidly, and soon, an overdenture can be secured to the posts.

Benefits of Mini Dental Implants

  • Can Last a Lifetime
  • Cost Effective
  • Easy Home Care
  • Improve Oral Function & Quality of Life
  • Offer Reliable Denture Stabilization
  • One-Hour Procedure
  • Support Bone Retention

Dr. Monteagudo has advanced training and experience with implant-retained dentures, and he’ll explain everything you need to know about what to expect during the MDI procedure. State-of-the-art imaging allows Dr. Monteagudo to plan implant cases with extreme precision. The doctor also focuses on patient comfort, so if you feel apprehensive or nervous, please tell our staff. We can administer various levels of anesthesia during the procedure to ensure peace of mind and body.