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Several years ago a dentist told me that I did not have adequate bone available to place implants without danger of fracturing my now fragile jawbone. Are there any alternatives?

As a result of advances in the field of dental implantology, we now have a variety of choices and techniques to choose from. Rarely do we encounter a patient who cannot have an implant or combination of implants placed.

Today, Dr. Monteagudo has access to many types of implants that are designed to accommodate multiple problems. For example, you may have inadequate bone in the front or the back part or the jaw for an in-the-bone implant. In this case, we can place an over-the-bone type of implant in both areas, with non-removable teeth that are attached to the implants. These over-the-bone implants have an excellent success rate and have been used in dentistry for over 30 years.

This type of implant also offers the added advantage of strengthening and supporting a fragile jawbone, which can help prevent a fracture. Our ability to choose from multiple implant techniques is essential for the long-term success use of the implant. There’s no single solution that will address every situation. Bone grafting techniques have also improved remarkably and, in many instances, this procedure can easily be performed in our West Allis office. Bone grafting strengthens your jaw and supplies additional bone for implant placement.