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I am missing most of my back teeth, but can’t wear partials. Is there a more permanent solution for replacing missing front and back teeth and keeping remaining teeth in front?

You may be surprised to hear it, but your situation is actually quite common. With every type of dental treatment at Wisconsin Smiles, our goal is to do everything possible to keep your remaining natural teeth as healthy as possible, as long as the supporting structure is within an acceptable range.

When we say “supporting structures,” we’re talking about the gum and bone tissues that immediately surround and hold your tooth in place. Dr. Monteagudo will need to conduct a thorough evaluation to determine if the tooth is healthy enough to keep or needs to be removed. We must then decide what is best for your specific needs in order to restore your missing back teeth.

It’s important that any remaining unhealthy teeth don’t compromise the success of your new treatment. This is the case whether we’re talking about dental implants or another type treatment. If you’ve experienced difficulties with removable partials, then using dental implants to anchor your new replacement teeth may be the best answer for you.

The first step is to call our West Allis dental office to arrange a convenient dental implant consultation with Dr. Monteagudo. At that time he’ll be happy to answer all your questions, review your options, and help you decide the best course of treatment in your particular case.