Patient Testimonials

A Great Place To Go

Everyone is very kind carting and professional. A great place to visit for dental work
Debbie U. - 03/04/14

Very Satisfied Client

The staff at Wisconsin Smiles were awesome as usual. I never worry about going to the dentist anymore since I started going here. Very satisfied client.
Anonymous - 02/28/14

Love This Place

Love this place and wouldn't go anywhere else!
Cory T. - 02/18/14


I appreciated the care and concern that was awarded to me. The staff is so friendly and the Doctors do everything they can to help you and to address your situation to make it as convenient for you as a patient as possible.
Larry F. - 01/31/14

Very Thorough

Very thorough cleaning. Michele did a great job! Very friendly place to go...
Anonymous - 01/29/14

Friendly and Professional

From the time I arrive to the time I leave everyone in the office is so friendly and professional. i feel like i am visiting a relatives home and not the dreaded dentist! My daughter and I are treated with a caring that is unheard of in today's medical field. I know that I can trust and not be afraid to visit. My daughter actually looks forward to her visits which is amazing!! Thank you for the exceptional service and pain free treatments. I recommend you to all my friends and relatives
Georgine L. - 01/23/14

Greeted With a Smile

Overall I was treated as I want to be treated. I like that the staff is very knowledgeable and I appreciate the state of the art equipment. Im always greeted with a warm smile!
Jane I. - 01/12/14

Dr is Handsome

I think the Dr. is really a handsome guy!!!! Is he single?
Joseph M. - 12/21/13

great experience!

great experience!
Cory T. - 12/17/13

I'll Never Go Elsewhere

Never had a dentist sing Christmas carols to me nor give me a message! Oops, was that too much information? Anyway, despite the time spent in the chair, which wasn't their fault, (hence the message), I will never go any place else...EVER!
Michelle G. - 12/16/13

Best Dental Experience Ever

I feared the dentist until I absolutely had to go...best dental experience ever.
Monica H. - 12/13/13

Very Nice

everyone was very nice!
Anonymous - 12/13/13

Everyone was amazing

everyone was amazing and made my first experience there show how good it will be in the future :)
Cory T. - 11/27/13

The best care

The best care and friendliest staff what more could you ask for. This office is welcoming and always makes me look forward to seeing them all again "family" Natasha thanks for the great raspberry latte it was a nice treat for the drive home! Jenny is awesome at what she does professional, nice and very knowledgeable I feel safe in her care!
Dolores S. - 11/23/13

Pleasant Experience

I had a very pleasent experience and the staff helped put me at ease all the way through the procedure.
Dave S. - 11/12/13

I love my dentist!

I love my dentist (Dr. Monteagudo)! He and his staff are always so awesome, kind and helpful. LOVE them.
Anonymous - 11/08/13

I didn't feel judged

Having not been to the dentist in a long time I was pretty nervous about this appointment, but the experience left me completely at ease. The staff at Wisconsin Smiles were wonderful and really helpful in letting me know what I needed. I didn't feel judged at any point for not going to the dentist for years, and for me, that was a huge part of why I had put things off for so long. They were really supportive of whatever choice and extent of treatments I decided on, as well as giving me great input on what the priorities were. I have no qualms at all and am looking forward to getting these issues that I had put off for so long, finally taken care of.
Samuel C. - 11/07/13

Great Experience

Everything is always a great experience.
Sarah B. - 10/18/13

Wonderful Experience

My experience was wonderful, if you need a dentist these are the people you need. Thank you so much for everything
Jimmie J. - 10/15/13

Pain Free Dental Care

Amazing, pain free dental care. They really make sure things are done right and that you are comfortable.
Sara O. - 10/11/13

The Staff Is Wonderful

The staff is wonderful. It is almost a joy to go to the dentist!!
Anonymous - 10/11/13

Warm, Friendly Staff

Was given a very warm and friendly greeting upon my arrival. All the staff is so nice and friendly to work with. My experience was a good one.
Larry F. - 09/27/13

Talented Staff

Dr Monteagudo is a very lucky man to have brought together one of the greatest talented staff you could only imagine. If there is a company wondering what quality customer service is they should observe the staff at Wisconsin Smiles. I was immediately greeted when I walked into the beautiful very clean reception area. Then I was offered something to drink and although I am more than capable of opening up a refrigerator door to grab a bottle of water one of the ladies told me it would be her pleasure to get that for me. I then was brought into a beautiful consult room where I was given a hand written card welcoming me to there office and that they look forward to serving me. After filling out my paperwork I was give a tour starting with a picture with his wife and seven children. They have a getting to know you session and then you meet with the DR whose personality matches his exceptional office. I then went for x-rays, teeth cleaning and Dr check. Dr Monteagudo main concern was for the health of my teeth and I was then given a quote for the work that needed to be done on my teeth and made an appointment to have the work done. After having our dentist retire my family has been looking for another dentist without much luck we are so thrilled to have found the only person we will trust with our dental health again. Thank You Wisconsin Smiles for one of the most enjoyable dental visits of my life!
Roxanne P. - 09/24/13

Wonderful Practice

After realizing both my Hygentist and my doctor have left the practice - I was surprised I didn't feel like a fish out of water and with a feeling to find a new dentist. Wonderful practice, very friendly people and I will be going back for all my future dental needs!!
Carrie S. - 09/18/13

Love It

This time I was in for a routine cleaning. Again I was treated with the professionalism I expected . The staff is friendly , greeted me by name and even remembered it was my birthday . I appreciate everyone at Wisconsin Smiles. I am constantly recommending this office to everyone.
Pamela H. - 09/17/13

It Feels Great

I love my newly repaired front tooth. It FEELS great, and looks better, too.
Anonymous - 09/16/13

Excellent Care

As always excellent care and great atmosphere...cannot leave Wisconsin Smiles without smiling myself. Feeling safe and well cared is a very good feeling!
Dolores S. - 09/07/13

Thank you!

I have had the biggest fear of dentists since I had a bad procedure done about 10 years ago and avoided going since. I finally gave in since my teeth are getting worse and need a lot of work. They are caring and do a great job and I am not afraid to go back for all the future work I need done! Thank you for helping me get a better smile! :)
Jessica Z. - 09/04/13

Staff is Great!

Staff is great! For anyone who has a far of going to the dentist... this is the place. Just finished a long procedure but was treated extremely well. Always professional and courteous, they understand what I needed to be comfortable and made every attempt to do so. Never a wait! Always a smile.
Robin R. - 09/04/13

Dr Monteagudo is the best

Dr Monteagudo is the best. Trust his work 100%. The staff is amazing. They always make me feel like I'm at home. I love Wisconsin Smiles :)
Magaly C. - 08/30/13

I really love to come here

even if it is a Dental Clinic, I really love to come here. Everybody is so helpful and nice and Dr Monteagudo is probably the best Dentist in the entire state :)
Anonymous - 08/27/13


A+++++++++++++++++++ dental care, staff, the very best. The newest technology brings you great care without the pain. Wisconsin Smiles will make you feel safe in their capable hands
Dolores S. - 08/11/13

Jill is just the best!

Jill is just the best!
Rosemary J. - 08/02/13

Everyone in this office is caring

Everyone in this office is caring and considerate. The quality of the work done is wonderful, with attention given to details.
Anonymous - 07/25/13

Expert care and friendly people

Expert care and friendly people
Marilee R. - 07/24/13


BeautifulMemories worl
Fred A. - 07/19/13

Love it. Very happy with my smile

Love it. Very happy with my smile ! ;-)
Fred A. - 07/17/13

I am never nervous going to the...

I am never nervous going to the dentist anymore! Everyone is so great at this office and they make you feel very comfortable.
Debra T. - 07/11/13

Like I told you I don't like the...

Like I told you I don't like the hard x-ray material. Or the bad tasting stuff. And I don't like the chair position, with stuff and talk going on behind me, very un-nerving. Your people do a great job, And you do a great job. Thanks,
Jim W. - 07/03/13

Great Service

Great Service
Irene A. - 07/02/13

After not seeing a Dentists for...

After not seeing a Dentists for over five years I was made very comfortable and my fear is gone. I've found my new Dentist and would recommend family and friends as I know they would be as pampered as I was. Nice work "Dr. M"
Cory C.- 06/28/13

The staff is polite and caring.

The staff is polite and caring. Some of my appointments are a little longer than I would like. But so far I am pleased with the outcome of my new smile.
Barbara W. - 06/27/13

Thank you

Thank you for the most excellent hospitality. Your establishment is and is elite in many ways. I felt confidante , comfortable and at home. The entire staff was above and beyond any expectation I have ever experienced. Thank you.
Elizabeth L. - 06/26/13

Always a pleasure

Always a pleasure to go to the dentist here (how often do you hear that about a dentist?). Prompt and efficient, in and out in an hour.
Anonymous - 06/25/13

very courteous and professional.

very courteous and professional.
Boris K. - 06/19/13

Great service...Attention to detail.

Great service...Attention to detail. Personalized the visit.Thank you for the TLC and great smile :-)
Lori H. - 06/19/13

I'm the type of person that is...

I'm the type of person that is very nervous when I have a Doctor or Dentist appointment. That has changed since I've started to go to Dr.Monteagudo. I need to get my back molar extracted. I felt no pain during or after, I had no swelling or discomfort. Needless to say, I would recommend Dr. Monteagudo to anyone that needs dental work done.
Janet S. - 06/12/13

Friendly and Understanding

Sheila M. - 06/10/13

The staff here are wonderful.

The staff here are wonderful. I've never had a dental experience as pleasant as the one I had with Wisconsin Smiles. They are friendly, efficient and Dr. Monteagudo is a true perfectionist !!!
Kiondra B. - 06/09/13

always very friendly

Always very friendly and genuinely concerned with my visit
Sarah V. - 05/31/13

Very Positive

Very Positive
Barbara R. - 05/29/13

The staff and professionals are...

The staff and professionals are very attentive, positive and personable.
Rosemary W. - 05/29/13

On time, prompt, clean

On time, prompt, clean, no weird smells or sounds. Staff remembers you and calls you by name. Very concerned about your comfort and well being. I really like their ability to make crowns in the office, rather than sending out and waiting. Pricing is on the high side, but you get what you pay for!
Anonymous - 05/24/13

Experience was wonderful as always.

Experience was wonderful as always.
Maria T. - 05/24/13

Great work. I'm very pleased.

Great work. I'm very pleased.
Boris K. - 05/22/13


Denise S. - 05/19/13

Visiting the dentist has never...

Visiting the dentist has never been on my list of things I love to do so thanks for always being so warm and inviting!!!
Anonymous - 05/17/13

I like the appearance of the clinic,...

I like the appearance of the clinic, clean, state of the art, up to date, positive energy, efficient staff that smiles and is cheerful and sociable, but professional, Roberto is very positive with good energy. Everyone is capable. I liked it. Thanks for the welcome mug, etc. I like your style. I was at a very professional clinic in the Dells and resisted finding a new dentist, not looking forward to searching. I normally don't like living socials, but it is what got me in to you. Thanks for offering a deal like that to get me in and I am pleased I have a new dentist.
Anne K. - 04/24/13

Great service!!!!!!

I was just in for a new crown, cleaning, & X-rays. I had a great experience & couldn't believe the machine that made my new crown . I love that not only are the staff & Dr. M. Kind, caring , knowledgeable ,& professional but are up on all the new technology. THANKS!!!!! Linda LeClaire
Linda L. - 03/29/13

Love them!

Dental phobia? The drill, tools scraping, enamel blowing in my face, the smell... I avoided dental visits at all costs! However, not going to the dentist was becoming a problem. My teeth were starting to look discolored/damaged. My gums were red/inflamed. I had toothaches. I wasn't smiling for fear of showing my teeth. I took a chance on a franchise dentist. Terrible! Then, a friend told me about Wisconsin Smiles. I was reluctant since I didn't have a great dental history. I haven't been to the dentist in years...what will they think of me? I went to my first appointment. The staff that greeted me were friendly and accommodating. The atmosphere was relaxed, which helped calm my anxiety. The staff explained all procedures before performing them. There were no loud drill noises or weird smells maybe I could handle this! They talked to me like I was a real person and listened to my concerns. They were nonjudgmental about the condition of my teeth. Dr. Monteagudo was personable and friendly, yet professional. He made me feel comfortable/relaxed. He encouraged me to assist in making decisions about my care. Their entire team was outstanding. I've been back to see Dr. Monteagudo for fillings, replacement of crowns, gum care, bleaching, and veneers. I've referred family/friends to Wisconsin Smiles because I know they will get outstanding care. I'm on the road to optimal oral health and I can smile again because my teeth are aesthetically pleasing. That's the best feeling in the world.
Heidi V. - 03/29/13

The search is over!

Over the last several years I have been looking for a dentist to take care of my smile. Through many visits throughout the area to different dentists, I was frustrated with the lack of professionalism and lack of caring. As soon as I walked into the Monteagudo Center for Smile Designs, the atmosphere told me this was going to be different. I was greeted immediately and was taken care of with the utmost respect and professionalism. From the tour of the office to explaining the procedure; everything was done in a caring, quality manner. I am happy to say I have found Monteagudo Center for Smile Designs and am making this the place to take care of my smile!
Pamela H. - 03/29/13

An amazing experience at a dentists office?!

Never have I looked forward to going to the dentist until I discovered Dr. Monteagudo's practice! Everyone is friendly, caring and knowledgable. I refer everyone I know because I trust them with my most important asset, my smile :)
Saharah A. - 03/29/13

Extreme Satisfaction

My smile is genuine upon leaving here. The care is excellent , the staff superior. I have not been this happy about going to the Dentist ever! This is the best place to be to make your teeth happy and yourself smile!
Dolores S. - 03/29/13

Put the dentist at the top of your to do list!

Remember the days when you went to the dentist for a crown and had to get a temporary and then go back in a week! What a wonderful thing, I got mine the same day! I also am a big baby going to the dentist, so when the dentist has said to me you need a root canal or extraction I will recommend a oral surgeon you don't have to do that you just stay here Dr. Monteagudo does it . That is very important to me.I was so scared I started out with sedation and now have grown comfortable to go without it. I would recommend atleast coming for a tour. The technology is unbelievable! I have highlighted a few things that are important to me
Linda P. - 03/29/13

I became a patient of Dr. Monteagudo...

I became a patient of Dr. Monteagudo in 2010 for a smile makeover with Invisalign Braces. After extensive research, I choose Dr. Monteagudo after reading numerous Excellent reviews. I have always had anxiety when going to the dentist but I felt at home on my very first appointment. His staff is AMAZING and has always been more than friendly. I am always greeted with a warm smile and addressed on a first name basis. I recently had my wisdom teeth extracted and while I was understandably nervous, the process was pain free. Over the last 2 years, I have had the pleasure to work with numerous staff members at the clinic and on the day of my extractions everyone took the time to check on me and to say hello! Dr. Monteagudo is Awesome! He is Very Friendly and Always has a smile on his face! You can count on him to be honest in regards to recommended treatment that he feels is beneficial to your oral health. Since becoming a patient I have referred close friends that were also extremely pleased with the care that they received. I recommend Dr. Monteagudo to anyone that is looking for a comfortable caring environment!
Tamara E. - 03/28/13

The most pleasant experience

The most pleasant experience I have ever had at the dentist. The staff is wonderful!!
Henri G. - 03/27/13

Staff is warm and inviting.

Staff is warm and inviting. Dr. Monteagudo does an excellent job
Melissa M. - 03/27/13

Great service friendly people

great service friendly people and very knowledgeable. The machine that makes crowns is awesome
Linda L. - 03/26/13

After trying to find a dentist...

After trying to find a dentist through several trial and errors through purchasing groupon offers, I found a dentist and staff that I am comfortable within providing me my dental needs. Reassuring, informative and professional describes this office.
Anonymous - 03/26/13


Frank L. - 03/26/13

As usual, was made to feel valued...

As usual, was made to feel valued as a patient and as a person. I have recommended The Monteagudo Center For Smile Designs to several people who really appreciated my referral. They have told their friends, and that says something!
William K. - 03/20/13

I have had two visits at Monteagudo.

I have had two visits at Monteagudo. The first visit was wonderful. Could they be consistent with their service?.....Yes they can. Again I was treated with the utmost care.
Pamela H. - 03/15/13


Wonderful - only dentist I look forward to seeing which says it all!
Carrie S. - 03/13/13

I Love!!!

I Love!!! mis dientes ,very exament!
Fred A. - 03/06/13

I was so nervous

I was so nervous about having dental work done, but the Monteagudo Center for Smile Designs calmed me and made things go as smoothly as possible.
Anonymous - 03/04/13

Awesome, comfortable

Awsome, comfortable ,personal, everyone had a bright smile always!
John S. - 03/03/13

Very friendly,professional

Very friendly,professional and knowledgeable! Very high tech!
Steve G.- 03/02/13

I like the reminder That I received...

I like the reminder That I received by the phone call Thank you very much
Mickey S. - 03/02/13

Associates and Doctor were very helpful

Associates and Doctor were very helpful and explained exactly what they could do for you and what they were doing every step of the way. Videos explaining procedures were good. They really put you at ease.
Brian D. - 03/01/13

Love how caring all the staff is...

Love how caring all the staff is with everyone that walks thru the doors. The doctor is awesome.

Evelester C. - 03/01/13

Staff was welcoming.

Staff was welcoming. This was my first visit. I appreciate the attention to detail and the professionalism of everyone. My procedures were explained thoroughly.
Pamela H. - 02/28/13

Was pleased with the care I received.

Was pleased with the care I received. The personal is always friendly and there to help you with your needs.
Anonymous - 02/27/13

I was very impressed

I was very impressed with the entire practice. From the doctors, to the ladies up front, to the assistants, everyone was extremely professional. I was relaxed the entire time and my procedures were completely painless. My only regret is not finding Dr. Monteagudo's practice years ago.
Rob L. - 02/19/13

Dr. Monteagudo and his staff makes...

Dr. Monteagudo and his staff makes you feel right at home considering you as a person, a friend in times where you didn't feel to good about your smile. Though it costs money to fix your smile his staff encourages you to get through it, in a way you feel comfortable.
Anonymous - 02/09/13

Monteagudo Center for Smile Desings...

Monteagudo Center for Smile Desings Is a professional and friendly dental clinic. Love it!
Anonymous - 02/08/13

First Call All the Way!

As the dentist is not generally the most desired place to be- Dr. Monteagudo and his team made it a great and painless experience in the many visits I had. They made you feel welcome and acheived a very comfortable feeling. I had major work done and in the few months of the process it was well worth it. I would highly recommend Dr. Monteagudo, I believe you will be pleased as well.
Anonymous - 11/11/12

Barb's Visit

I had a great visit, i received prompt friendly service. The hygenist was very thourogh and fun to talk to. Everyone was great!
Barbara W. - 11/02/12

You did good :)

You did good :)
Debra R. - 10/22/12

It was quick and painless

It was quick and painless, I was in good hands and having that confidence in my Dentist is important to me. They were very concerned about my comfort and how I was during the procedure. I am sincerely glad that I found Smile Designs. It is A-1 in care , comfort , friendliness and atmoshere "smiling" I also love my mug in the gift back it has become my favorite coffee mug! Thank you!!!!
Dolores S. - 10/20/12

Monteagudo Center for Smile Design

Top notch service, work, and staff. The staff is the epitome of professional and compassion. The doctors are truly gifted, compassionate and one in a million.
Kira B. - 10/13/12

Excellent care and service!!! A-1

It was a wonderful experience, Jill was awesome and the treatment was A-1, the whole experience Assured me I made the right choice. My wonderful Dentist had retired and I had been trying out a Dentist who did not meet my needs, so I had to look again...this time I found a winner. Finding Center for Smile Designs was a blessing the whole staff is friendly and I feel cared for again...I am here to stay! Thanks ds
Anonymous - 10/05/12

Teeth Cleaning

Thanks for a wonderful cleaning and concern about my dental health
Karen J. - 09/28/12

Monteagudo Center for Smile designs

My experience at the office was great. Associate were very friendly and helpful. The environment at the office would make anyone feel welcome. Best dentist by far that I have ever witnessed.
Thomas J. - 09/28/12

always good a good time

The staff is always welcoming and in a good mood.it makes you feel better just being there for a while. no stress or pressure during or dealing with treatment needed
Anonymous - 09/19/12

Another top notch experience!

I have high anxiety when it comes to dental work, and I unfortunately have not the healthiest teeth! But I am always comforted by knowing that Dr. Monteagudo and his staff are going to be gentle and supportive. I would never go anywhere else to have one of my most important assets to be cared for, my teeth! I know the work is beautiful and Dr. will always do what is best for me :)
Saharah A. - 08/21/12

Thoughtful communication

I love the reminder calls I alos LOVED the "birthday postcard" I think it is very thoughtful and a great business practice. I have one commplaint though On the postcard there was this wonderful picture of Dr. M holding a beautiful birthday cake with my name on it but there was a big piece of cake missing, and he had cake and frosting all over his face!
Sooz J. - 08/20/12

100% recommend!

Very friendly, welcoming environment. Staff is very attentive and always making you feel at home. Full of knowledge and perfection. Love my dentist. He is the best!
Magaly C. - 08/18/12

Great People

Thanks to Dr. Monteagudo and his excellent dental crew, nice treat and warm atmosphere. You see only happy faces.
Pablo C. - 08/08/12

Dentist Visit

As alwyas the staff is super friendly. The Dr. was awesome and my cleaning was fast and thourough. Love coming!
Katie O. - 08/08/12

Great Dental Care

Excellent, professional care in a friendly environment. I had a filling replaced, and there was no pain to speak of and the results look great. The dentist and staff are vary caring and do all that is possible to keep the patient comfortable. They use the most up-to-date technology, too.
Anonymous- 07/31/12


This is a great place to get any kind of dental work done. Highly recommend! :)
Anonymous - 07/31/12

First Visit

Amazing experience. Painless cannot even describe it although today that is a different matter.
-Saari Delores, 7/20/12

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