CEREC One Visit Crowns in Milwaukee

CEREC One-Visit Customized Crowns

You go to the dentist because of toothache, or maybe for your bi-annual checkup, and you get the bad news: you need a crown. But traditional crowns take multiple appointments. Do you have that kind of time to spare? We understand the inconvenience patients face with a traditional crown, and because your time is as valuable as your smile, Dr. Monteagudo now uses a revolutionary tool that mills a permanent crown in about an hour: CEREC.

Crowns in an Hour

Now, getting an esthetic porcelain crown takes one visit, so it’s as simple as having a filling! With amazing computer aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM), our CERECsystem allows Dr. Monteagudo to design and fabricate your custom crown in just one visit. Onsite fabrication means immediate placement, so you won’t need a temporary crown, and you won’t have to schedule a follow-up visit for placement.

CEREC: A Better Option

Crowns are an essential restoration to protect your natural tooth from further damage. A crown can salvage a severely decayed, broken, or worn tooth that may otherwise have to be removed and replaced with a prosthetic. Traditional crowns, while still effective, do have disadvantages:

  • Require more than one appointment
  • Sent out to a lab and created based on messy impressions
  • Require placement of a temporary crown until the permanent crown arrives

CEREC crowns achieve the same result as a traditional crown but with marked advantages:CEREC Crowns West Allis WI

  • Designed and placed by the dentist in a single visit
  • Custom-made in our office from a digital scan of the tooth
  • No temporary crown required
  • Created from CEREC metal-free, all-ceramic blocs
  • Backed by decades of research
  • Known for strength, durability, and esthetics

CEREC One Visit Crowns Milwaukee

How CEREC Works

Dental technology has grown by leaps and bounds, making dentistry more convenient and more comfortable. CEREC uses 3D imaging technology and special software for precise designs and dependable results. After preparing your tooth, Dr. Monteagudo scans the tooth and a digital blueprint is created by our CEREC system.  The doctor designs the crown, selecting the shade, adding grooves and contours, and ensuring it fits well with your bite, and then our CEREC machine mills a metal-free restoration from a single CEREC Bloc, all in the same appointment. Dr. Monteagudo will permanently place the CEREC crown, and you’ll leave our office with a full, healthy smile.

Tried and True Technology

Millions of patients worldwide have experienced the convenience of CEREC crowns. CEREC Blocs, the material from which the crowns are milled, are backed with 20 years of research, so you can rest assured they offer a durable restoration that you can trust. CEREC can also mill inlays, onlays, and veneers for your convenience. Ask us about CEREC crowns today so you can spend less time in the dentist’s chair and more time sharing your smile.

Call the Milwaukee office of Dr. Monteagudo today and experience CEREC technology at its best. Patients across the greater Milwaukee area, including Brookfield, Wauwatosa, and Waukesha, have enjoyed our special treatment for over a decade.

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