Sports Dentistry in Milwaukee, WI

Sports Dentistry and Mouthguards

We encourage our patients to maintain active lifestyles. Children, adults, and seniors alike can benefit from playing team sports or staying active in solo activities. One of the most common traumas that active individuals can experience is a sports injury, which can sometimes put you out of the game. When a sports injury impacts the smile, getting your smile back can require multiple procedures, including surgeries.girls playing sports keeping teeth safe with mouth guards

Preventive Dentistry with Sports Guards

Preventing dental trauma by wearing a mouthguard can prevent tooth loss and tissue abrasions caused by a fly ball, stray elbow, or hockey stick. Nearly every sport increases the risk of causing injury. If you are unsure of whether you need a mouthguard to protect your teeth and gums, give us a call.

Many patients start out with a boil and bite mouthguard available at local pharmacies, but they often find the generic fit impedes breathing and reduces their performance during the big game. This can lead to players removing them intermittently, leaving their smile unprotected. At WisconsinSmiles, we offer an alternative that studies show actually improves performance.

Pure Power Mouthguards are the choice of many professional teams.

Pure Power Mouthguards

Dr. Roberto Monteagudo is one of only a few dentists in the state of Wisconsin approved to evaluate and create Pure Power Mouthguards for NFL sports players and sports associations. Relax in our comfortable atmosphere and enjoy the on-site-service we provide to all teams and individuals who enjoy the adventure of sports or activities that can put your teeth at risk.

How PPM Works

By guiding the teeth and jaws into proper alignment, the PPM mouthguard assists with maintaining proper posture and relieving the pressure of misaligned jaw joints.

We will begin by measuring the tracking of the jaws. With an accurate reading of how your jaw moves, we will take impressions and a bite registration that will give Dr. Monteagudo and our PPM laboratory accurate information about your current jaw and bite alignment and how we can improve it – and potentially your performance.

Once we receive your new mouthguard, we will make sure it fits well and feels comfortable. We look forward to hearing about your experience.

How to Get Started with PPM in the West Allis Area

You are welcome to reserve an appointment with Dr. Monteagudo or speak to our sports dentistry treatment coordinator at our Milwaukee dental office.

If any of these increased performance attributes interest you and you would like to have an undisputed edge over all your competition, reserve an appointment today. Simply give us a call to learn more about cosmetic dentist Dr. Monteagudo today at (414) 383-5833

Our convenient West Allis dental office creates Pure Power Mouthguards from patients from across the Milwaukee metro area including Elm Grove, Brookfield, Waukesha, and the surrounding communities.