CEREC Same-Day Crowns in Milwaukee

CEREC One-Visit Customized Crowns

Have you ever been told that you need a dental crown?

Perhaps you were visiting the dentist because you had a toothache or pain around a specific tooth. Or, maybe you were simply at your regular dental checkup for a routine cleaning and set of x-rays. Maybe you even experienced a facial trauma and ended up with a cracked or damaged tooth. 

Whatever the circumstances, it’s never fun to learn that you need a dental crown. You use the crowns of your natural teeth for daily chewing and speaking functions, and it can be hard to accept that you now need an artificial replacement. Dental crowns play an important role in your smile’s overall health, however, so you should not delay treatment if you have been told that you need a tooth crown. 

While losing part of your natural tooth is never ideal, the good news is that crowns for teeth have come a long way in recent years. If you need a dental crown in West Allis, WI, our dental team is excited to tell you that the process is now so much easier than ever before. 

Gone are the days when you need to visit the dentist multiple times and wait weeks for your new dental crown. We know that waiting for a new tooth crown is inconvenient, and we constantly strive to make things as easy as possible for our dental patients. dental crown in milwaukee wi

Because we understand that your time is so valuable, our West Allis dentist, Dr. Monteagudo, now uses revolutionary dental technology to create a new tooth crown for you at our dental office in just one hour. Yes, you read that right—a new crown for your tooth that is ready in one hour! 

This incredible treatment option is made possible by a technology known as “Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramic,” or CEREC. To learn more about the ways CEREC has revolutionized crowns for teeth in West Allis, WI, we invite you to keep reading below:

Dental Crowns In An Hour

As was discussed above, dental crowns have traditionally taken several weeks to design, build, and obtain. Before the introduction of CEREC technology, if you were a patient who needed a new tooth crown, you could expect to wait weeks for the finished product—and you would have to wear a temporary tooth crown in the meantime.

Obviously, there are several major inconveniences associated with this process. Because of taking time off work for multiple dental appointments, driving back and forth from the dentist’s office, and having to deal with a less-reliable temporary tooth crown, we found that many dental patients were postponing or avoiding getting their new tooth crowns altogether. This presented serious problems for dental patients who needed tooth crowns to protect a vulnerable area in their mouth.

Now, with the CEREC system, it is truly possible to get a new tooth crown in approximately one hour. Creating your new esthetic porcelain crown takes only one visit to our West Allis, WI dentist, so it’s as simple as having a dental filling! CEREC crowns are made possible with help from “Computer Aided-Design/Computer Aided-Manufacturing,” also known as CAD/CAM. This technology allows Dr. Monteagudo to design and fabricate your new tooth crown while you relax and wait right here in our dental office. Our on-site fabrication means we can immediately place your dental crown onto your tooth, so you won’t need a temporary dental crown or a follow-up dental appointment for placement! 

Cerec Crowns: A Better Option

If your smile needs a dental crown, it is best to have your new crown placed as soon as possible. Tooth crowns are an essential restoration to protect your natural tooth from further damage, which is why you should never delay your treatment. A dental crown can salvage a severely decayed, broken, or worn tooth that may otherwise have to be removed and replaced with a dental implant. 

CEREC crowns are simply the best option for your new tooth crown. Traditional tooth crowns, while still effective, do have disadvantages:

  • Traditional tooth crowns require more than one dental appointment to place
  • Traditional tooth crowns require an impression of your mouth with traditional, messy impression material
  • Traditional tooth crowns are sent out to a dental lab and have to travel back and forth 
  • Traditional tooth crowns require the patient to wear a temporary tooth crown until the permanent version arrives 

CEREC tooth crowns achieve the same result as traditional tooth crowns, but they have significant advantages. CEREC dental crowns are:

  • Designed and placed by our skilled dentist in a single visit
  • Made with a digital smile impression rather than a messy physical impression
  • Created from a high-quality ceramic material that is aesthetically beautiful 
  • Backed by decades of dental research
  • Known for their strength and durability

Because CEREC dental crowns are created using highly accurate computer technology, our West Allis, WI dentist can design your tooth crown with exact measurements and advanced levels of precision that are not always possible with traditional dental crowns. This means that when you choose CEREC, you will receive a dental crown that is a precise fit in a fraction of the time that it would normally take. If you need a dental crown in Milwaukee, WI, our dental team highly recommends our in-house CEREC crowns!

How CEREC Technology Works

Dental technology has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years, making dentistry more convenient and more comfortable than ever. The CEREC dental crown technology is no exception. As we have discussed above, CEREC uses 3-D imaging technology and special software for precise designs and dependable results. 

woman getting x-ray before CEREC crownsWhen you visit our dental office to receive your CEREC tooth crown, Dr. Monteagudo will first prepare your tooth to receive the new crown. This may mean filing or slightly reshaping the remaining portion of your natural tooth so that your new CEREC dental crown will fit perfectly. 

After Dr. Monteagudo prepares your tooth, he will then digitally scan your tooth to create a digital blueprint for our CEREC system. Dr. Monteagudo will design your tooth crown, selecting the shade, adding grooves and contours, and ensuring it fits well with your bite. 

Then, our CEREC machine will mill a metal-free dental restoration from a single CEREC Bloc, all in the same dental appointment. Dr. Monteagudo will then permanently place your CEREC tooth crown, and you’ll leave our dental office with a full, healthy smile.

CEREC is an excellent choice if you need crowns for teeth. If you have additional questions about the CEREC technology and how your dental crown will be created, please contact our Milwaukee, WI dental office at (414) 383-5833 today! 

Tried and True Dental Technology

Our West Allis, WI dental patients know to trust the CEREC crown technology because it has been tried and proven many times over the last several decades. When it comes to high-quality crowns for teeth, there really is no better option than CEREC. 

Call our Milwaukee dentist today and experience CEREC technology at its best. Patients across the greater Milwaukee area, including Brookfield, Wauwatosa, and Waukesha, have enjoyed our special treatment for over a decade. We look forward to helping you with all your dental crown needs!