Tooth-Colored Fillings in Milwaukee, WI

Is your smile marred by old, metal amalgam fillings? You may want to consider replacing those old silver restorations with mercury-free composite resin. Dr. Roberto Monteagudo recommends all-white fillings for his image-conscious, health-aware patients in West Allis who want to feel confident about their smiles.

Benefits of Tooth-Colored Fillings 

There is nothing wrong with silver amalgam fillings, but many patients are wary of having a heavy metal in their mouth, and nobody likes the dark appearance that these fillings create over time.

For many years now, cosmetic dentists like Dr. Monteagudo have preferred these mercury-free tooth-colored restorations because of the advantages they offer over amalgam fillings.

A Natural Appearance That Improves Your Smile

Tooth-colored composite fillings at our West Allis dental office are made of a blend of materials that mimic dental enamel's natural translucent appearance. Because we can customize the white shade of the material, we can match the filling to the tooth we’re treating and ensure that it blends beautifully into your smile.

Dr. Monteagudo expertly shapes the filling to follow the tooth's contours, then uses a curing light to harden it. Once it’s in place, no one will ever know you’ve had any dental work done!
By comparison, silver fillings leave a dark spot in your smile that’s noticeable every time you open your mouth. After a time, the amalgam can also give the tooth a grey appearance.

A Healthier Tooth Repair

The point of placing a dental filling is to leave the tooth healthier than when we found it. One drawback of using amalgam is that our dentist must remove significant tooth structure for a successful filling. Another is that amalgam expands and contracts over time, damaging the tooth and allowing bacteria to enter it and cause a cavity.

Because we use composite fillings, we can remove significantly less of the remaining tooth structure and still create a strong and durable repair. After we remove the cavity, we bond the composite material directly to the remaining healthy part of the tooth. 

Keeping your smile healthy for as long as possible is our goal, and It is always better for your oral health to retain healthy tooth structure rather than remove it.

Do You Need a Tooth Filling in the 53214 Area?

If your smile is riddled with old, metal amalgam fillings, you may want to consider replacing them with mercury-free composite resin.  

To get started, call the office of restorative and aesthetic dentist Dr. Monteagudo today to set a consultation to have your old amalgam fillings replaced. If you think you may have a cavity, we will be happy to explain the benefits of tooth-colored fillings and why we recommend them. 

We are pleased to treat patients from across Wisconsin, including the greater Milwaukee area, at our West Allis office.