Teeth Whitening in Milwaukee, WI

mother and daughter smiling after teeth whiteningAre your teeth yellow, stained, or discolored?  Do you find yourself hiding your smile? Would you love to enhance your teeth and feel confident smiling?  Well, we’ve got fantastic news for you.

Effectiveness of Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening is effective and safe for patients whose teeth have yellow, brown, or orange tinges due to age, food stains, or tobacco use. To maximize your results or to touch-up, your Zoom whitening, consider our customized take-home trays. When used according to directions, this at-home teeth-whitener can simulate professional results in about two weeks. Learn more about teeth whitening in our patient library.

Contact Our Milwaukee Dental Clinic

Whether you are considering Zoom! Whitening or the take-home teeth whitening system, you will need to consult with Dr. Monteagudo as to what works best for you, as some patients are not candidates for this enhancement. Call our West Allis dental office today to schedule your complimentary consultation. You’ll be amazed at what a brighter, whiter smile can do for you! Patients from great Milwaukee, Brookfield, Waukesha, and beyond have trusted Dr. Monteagudo since 1990.