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Common Misconceptions About Dentists

July 31, 2016
Posted By: Dr. Monteagudo
Wisconsin Dentist

Because many people feel anxiety or fear about their dental appointments, many misconceptions about dentists and dentistry have arisen over the years. These misconceptions have kept many patients from attending their regular check up and cleaning appointments and getting the dental care they need and deserve. Your Milwaukee, WI dentist is going to discuss a few of these misconceptions and set the record straight!

Dental Visits Are Painful

This is definitely an idea of the past, especially with all the advances of modern dentistry. The dental world is always evolving, and new technology is designed to make dental procedures more comfortable and efficient for patients. At WisconsinSmiles, we take your comfort to the next level by offering amenities such as warm scented facial towels, a hot and cold beverage bar, and relaxing music to enjoy during your procedure. These days a trip to the dental office rivals a trip to the spa!

All Dentists Are Created Equal

Of course this is not true! Dentists have different personalities and abilities to build rapport with their patients, but have you also considered their skill level? Many dentists have undergone advanced training in different treatment procedures such as dental implants and cosmetic dentistry. Some dentists attend more additional training courses than others. Cosmetic dentistry requires as much artistry as it does skill, and you'll definitely want to learn about your dentist's continuing education, skill level, and artistry if your considering changing the appearance of your smile.

Dentists Work Only on Teeth

In today's modern dental world many dentists also have training in cosmetic procedures such as Botox treatments and facial rejuvenation. You may be able to maintain your oral health and your facial appearance all in one appointment.

At WisconsinSmiles, Dr. Roberto Monteagudo is your premiere Wisconsin dentist. With decades of advanced training and experience, you can rest assured that when you work with Dr. Monteagudo you're working with one of dentistry's elite professionals. We offer high quality dentistry and advanced facial services in a warm and relaxing spa-like environment. We know you won't receive this level of care anywhere else! Contact our office today to schedule your next appointment.

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