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3 Habits for Long-Term Oral Health

April 25, 2016
Posted By: Dr. Roberto Monteagudo
Habits for Long Term Oral Health

Good preventive care and healthy habits will keep your trips to our office to a minimum. As much as we enjoy visiting with our patients, this is ultimately our goal!

As your dentist in Milwaukee, WI, Dr. Roberto Monteagudo can give you the tips and advice you need for excellent oral health. Having strong and healthy teeth reduces your risk for all kinds of dental problems, including decay, gum disease, and even fractures and infections!

Work to develop these three habits and you’ll be off to a great start:

1. Brush and floss your teeth as directed.

No surprise that this is the first habit on the list, right? When you brush for at least two minutes twice a day and floss once a day using great technique, you’ll be able to remove a lot of plaque from the surface of your teeth, between your teeth, and just below the gumline. This helps avoid bacteria build-up, the most common culprit in dental disease. Dr. Monteagudo or your hygienist will be happy to give you a hands-on demonstration of the technique you should use for the best results.

2. Visit our office regularly.

Even with a good oral hygiene routine, it’s still necessary to visit our office at least twice a year for a cleaning and examination. The cleaning allows your hygienist to inspect your teeth and gums and clear away plaque or tartar build-up that your toothbrush and dental floss missed. The fact is, no matter how good you are at brushing, it’s virtually impossible to get your teeth completely clean with home tools!

During your exam, Dr. Monteagudo will thoroughly inspect your teeth and gums for any evidence of developing dental problems. The earlier we can catch a developing problem, the easier it is to treat and the less likely it is to cause any kind of long-term problem.

3. Eat a healthy diet.

Fresh, raw, crunchy fruits and vegetables aren’t just good sources of vitamins and fiber! They are also fantastic for your teeth. The fiber in foods like apples, carrots, and celery stimulates your gum tissue, and the act of chewing produces saliva, which helps to clear away bacteria and food particles. Foods that are rich in calcium, including dairy and leafy greens, are great for keeping your teeth healthy and strong. Yogurt contains good bacteria, or probiotics, which can help keep problem bacteria that cause decay and gum disease to a minimum.

While you don’t need to completely eliminate sweet or sticky foods from your diet, enjoying these treats sparingly and rinsing your mouth and brushing as soon as possible,will also help keep your teeth in great shape.

For more tips, call today and schedule your next visit to our Milwaukee dental office!

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