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Tooth-Colored Fillings for Both Old and New Restorations

June 17, 2019
Posted By: Dr. Roberto Monteagudo
tooth-colored fillings for restorations | wisconsinsmiles | west allis, wi

Tooth-colored fillings are one of the most commonly requested services at our Milwaukee dental office—and it is easy to see why!

Tooth-colored fillings have obvious aesthetic benefits, but they are also better for your health than traditional metal fillings. Because these tooth-colored fillings—also known as composite resin fillings—are both safer and more attractive than their metal amalgam counterparts, they are growing in popularity among dental patients. 

Replacing Old Fillings

One of the best things about composite resin fillings is that our WisconsinSmiles team can use them to treat both new and old restorations. This means that even if you have old, silver fillings in your mouth, we can remove these fillings and replace them with new tooth-colored fillings!

Many people tend to feel self-conscious when they have metal fillings in their teeth. Silver fillings draw attention to themselves against the backdrop of natural, white teeth—especially when they are in the front of the mouth.

Now that tooth-colored fillings are so widely used, however, no one else ever needs to know if you have had a filling! Natural-looking composite resin fillings make it easy to camouflage any restorative work you have had done, even if that work was done decades ago.

Treating New Cavities

If we discover a new cavity during your routine dental check-up, we can easily fill the cavity with a composite resin filling. These fillings contain no heavy metals, which makes them a smarter choice for keeping your smile looking beautiful and feeling healthy.

Dr. Monteagudo wants every one of his patients to have a smile they can wear with pride. If tooth-colored fillings are a good treatment option for you, he will always recommend them.

For high-quality tooth-colored fillings in Milwaukee, WI, do not hesitate to call us at WisconsinSmiles today!

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