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Can a dental implant be placed during the same appointment I have teeth removed?

Whether or not we can place the dental implant immediately after extraction depends on the presence or absence of infection and the amount of available bone in the area. The advantage of placing the implant during the same visit is the preservation of both height and width of bone in the jaw, potentially eliminating the need for bone graft surgery as bone naturally recedes after a tooth is extracted.

Bone Loss

This is an important consideration since as much as 40% of jawbone width can be lost during the first year after extraction. In other cases, severe gum disease or decay may have compromised the bone to such a degree that a bone grafting procedure may be necessary before we can place the implant. In this case, a separate visit will be required to perform the grafting procedure.

If it is possible to place the implant at the same visit as the teeth are extracted, this can save at least three months in healing time compared to waiting for an extraction site to heal before the implants can be placed.

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