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What is a dental membership program?

Receiving quality dentistry in Milwaukee to achieve or maintain a healthy smile shouldn’t be something that breaks the bank. Dental membership plans offer a way for uninsured patients—or those with insurance that’s inadequate for their needs—to make dentistry more accessible.

Opting for a dental membership plan allows you to receive discounts on services that are not typically covered by insurance. Your family can save on preventive dentistry, routine care, and aesthetic dentistry for one annual fee.

An Affordable Dentist in Milwaukee

To provide all our patients with low-cost, high-quality dentistry, Dr. Robert Monteagudo has developed a dental membership program. It allows our patients to take advantage of discounted rates for services as well as the following benefits:

Included preventive care: Teeth cleanings and exams twice a year, including dental x-rays as needed, one emergency exam, and fluoride applications for children

15% price reduction for other services: Under our dental membership program, your family will receive discounts on services like fillings, root canals, dental crowns, comprehensive periodontal care, composite fillings, and dentures.

Start Receiving Dental Benefits the Same Day!

There are no waiting periods with our dental membership program, and you can start receiving benefits the day you sign up. If this sounds like a plan you would like to invest in for your family, please call our Milwaukee dental office to get started.

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