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Why do dentures lose their shape?

Research has shown that once teeth are lost or removed, the jawbone gradually shrinks and changes shape. Additionally, the pressure of dentures on your gums over a long period of time can cause your gum tissue to become softer. The result is dentures that used to fit perfectly, but now feel loose and unstable.

Check the Fit of Dentures

At WisconsinSmiles, we recommend that your dentures be checked for fit and comfort every year. During these routine checkups, we may find that the denture has lost its proper fit and needs to be relined or remade. Your dentures may have been loose longer than you realize and lose their fit after about 5-10 years of use. By using dental adhesive, you may have masked the loose fit of your dentures for a long period of time.

However, using dental implants allows us to help slow done bone loss as well as erosion of the gums. Dentures are effective for esthetics, but they stress on top of the gums and jaw bone. Since dental implants are surrounded by bone, the chewing forces transfer this pressure into the bone, much like your natural teeth do. 

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