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Do implants require special care?

Think about your implants as if they were natural teeth, then treat them that way. All of the things we would tell you about protecting the oral health of your natural teeth relates just as easily to dental implants. You’ve invested a lot of time in money in your new dental implants. As with natural teeth, dental implants will also require regular preventive maintenance like diligent at-home oral hygiene.

Daily Oral Care

Brush twice and floss twice a day. If you can’t brush, rinse your mouth after eating. This can remove a lot of food debris that would stick to your teeth and collect bacteria.

Regular Dental Exams

Make semi-annual visits to return to us for regular check-ups. During these exams we’ll check to make sure that your dental implant is doing well and no problems like periodontal disease are developing. Understand also, that caring for the gums is the best way to care for one's teeth. Proper gum care benefits all your teeth, not just your dental implants. More teeth are lost as a result of gum disease than any other single cause.

If you have more questions about caring for dental implants, please call our West Allis Dental office, and we’ll be happy to answer all your questions.

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