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What does periodontal treatment involve?

Our gentle periodontal treatment in Allis, WI, restores much of your oral health and prevents the severe complications associated with periodontitis.

Our treatment protocols consider the severity of your periodontal disease, and we design a plan that addresses your specific needs.

Treatments may include:

  • Special oral hygiene instructions
  • Deep cleanings in our dental office
  • Gum irrigation and antibiotics
  • Surgical and bone grafting intervention

What Is Periodontal Disease?

Periodontal disease is a series of infections in the ligaments and bones that support teeth. It is a treatable condition, but it is not typically reversible.

However, if your dentist catches periodontal disease in the early gingivitis stage, we can eliminate it because the infections have not reached the bone. Without treatment, you risk tooth loss and physical health complications.

To significantly lower your periodontal disease risks, see your dentist every six months for thorough checkups and professional teeth cleanings.

If you notice bleeding gums, gum recession, or an elongated appearance of your teeth, it’s essential to contact your Allis dentist for a periodontal assessment.

Looking for Periodontal Treatment Near Me?

We offer gentle and compassionate periodontal treatment in a judgment-free zone. To learn more or arrange a visit with the dentist, reach out today to a member of our dental staff.

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