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I had a root canal on a tooth that fractured and now it has to be removed. Can it be replaced with an implant or do I have to have a bridge or a partial?

A tooth that has had root canal treatment is much more likely to fracture than a tooth that’s whole and intact. This is because the material was removed from inside the tooth, weakening and dehydrating it. In fact, a root-canaled tooth can be as brittle as glass! For this reason, we almost always place a crown after the procedure to protect the tooth.

So it’s not unheard of for a patient to come to our West Allis dental office with a tooth that has fractured after a root canal. Until recently, the preferred treatment method was to extract the tooth, then file down adjacent teeth to accommodate crowns and support a dental bridge, which contains a false tooth.

Dental Implant to Replace Fractured Tooth

There are cases where this is still the only solution. However, it’s possible in many cases to use an implant to replace the fractured tooth. Since the implant is a standalone tooth and doesn’t require other support, it does not need to be secured to neighboring teeth, eliminating the need to grind down healthy teeth.

If you’d like more information about the steps we can take to restore a tooth fractured after a root canal, please give us a call. Dr. Monteagudo will evaluate all aspects of your situation and make appropriate recommendations.

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